Purple diamonds

basic facts about natural fancy prurple colored diamonds.

Purple diamonds can have their color for two different reasons:
Into the violet range, the color is caused by the existance of hydrogen in the atomic structure of the crystal and into the purple-pink range the color can be caused by the post growth plastic deformation of the crystal due to high pressure after the diamond was formed millions of years ago.

Most often purple diamonds will come with secondary hues like grey, pink, brown or red.
They are mined in Brazil, Australia, Siberia and Northern Asia and very rarely found in bigger sizes over 2 carat.

The color purple symbolizes magic, mystery, royal power, and often comes back in meditation and religion.

famous purple diamonds

One of the largest purple diamonds to date is ‘The Royal Purple Heart’, mined in Russia, it is a fancy vivid purple heart shaped diamond of 7,34 ct.
The famous baskettball player Kobe Bryant gave gave his wife an 8 carat fancy colored purple diamond ring, valued 4 million dollar in 2003, as an apology for infidelity, 3 days after he was charged with rape.

investing in purple diamonds

Because of their extreme rareness and continuously growing demand, the prices tend to double every 5 years which makes them a very good investment…if you can find one.
The pure purple diamonds tend to be almost as rare as red diamonds and are far more valuable than with secondary hues with the exception of purple-red diamonds which are equally valuable as the pure purple diamonds. For investing purposes diamonds with more intense and pure colors will present the best opportunities.

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cushion 2.04 SI1

fancy intense pink-purple


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Cushion 1.36 I2

fancy grayish pink-purple


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Cushion 0.51 SI2

fancy pinkish purple


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Pear 0.50 SI2

fancy deep pink-purple


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Pear 0.45 SI2

fancy dark brown-purple


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Pear 0.20 SI1

fancy pink-purple


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